• My Beliefs and Philosophies
  • Words to live by

  • I have learned these things over the years. These are the words I try and live by.

  • Strive for a good moral character. Little else matters without that.

  • The success equation: Hard Work + Heart + Guts= Success

  • Want it more than the next guy.

  • I will always give my best effort in all endeavors.

  • I will never cheat my company out of an honest days work.

  • I will never let my company cheat me of an honest days wage.

  • I will always put the team ahead of individual achievements.

  • A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.

  • It only costs 100% more to be the best.

  • The fish with his mouth open always gets caught.

  • Put up and Shut up.

  • Nothing worthwhile is easy.

  • I will always have two things: my friendships and my word. I won't break either for any reason.

  • Never mess with another man's woman or livelyhood.

  • All of lifes most difficult riddles are answered in the movies.

  • I will never dishonor my family name for any reason.

  • Sometimes things just don't work out. But things always work out for the best.

  • The best way to show my religious faith and beliefs is through my actions not my words.

  • Make every second count because when it is gone, it is gone forever.

  • Tough times don't build character, they reveal it.

  • My God is first, my family and friends are second, I am third. (as adapted from Gale Sayers)


    May my adversities make me stronger

    May my defeats make me humble

    May my victories make me wise

    No matter what happens

    May my actions make me proud

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